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MissioLife is all-digital

We’re excited to be offering MissioLife as a digital resource. This means you can easily access and download the materials through this website. From everything you need to lead a MissioLife group, to posters and other promotional materials, it’s never been easier to organize and lead a community-wide experience. See how easy it can be by downloading a sample lesson now.

MissioLife is for communities

MissioLife is intended to be experienced together as a community. Unlike individual devotionals designed for only one person or one learning group, MissioLife is intentional about involving everyone in your faith community. Adults, youth, and children can all share in this communal experience together through Breathe (Adult), Image (Youth), and Rhythms (Children). With age-appropriate material for each learning group and lesson materials specifically designed to encourage engagement and participation, MissioLife provides an opportunity for your entire community to better understand and participate in the mission of God.

MissioLife is formational

MissioLife enables spiritual growth through the spiritual formation model of story, theology, identity and calling, way of life, and behaviors and expressions. It calls us to move beyond simply reading Scripture to participation in the mission of God, both communally and individually. Through six (6 week) modules, one year of MissioLife provides the opportunity for intentional and comprehensive formation. Communities can continue on the journey with the following years of MissioLife.
  • Year One - The God of Life: A Story of God’s Redeeming Shalom
  • Year Two - The God Who Would Be King: A Story of God’s Kingdom
  • Year Three - The God of Promise: A Story of God’s People
  • Year Four - The God of New Creation: A Story of God’s Restoration
Click here to learn more about MissioLife’s philosophy of spiritual formation and how it can help your community engage the mission of God.