Frequently Asked Questions


What is MissioLife?

This is a digital, formational small group resource that provides a framework for missional living—leading followers through the path of spiritual formation, from scripture to a way of life. The heart of MissioLife is to explore and experience the story and mission of God in community. MissioLife helps us discover the God who moves among us, calling us to participate in the Kingdom here and now, and explores what Scripture tells us about God, others, ourselves, and the world.

What is a “digital small group resource”?

Digital refers to the fact that the resources you purchase are accessible through our website rather than printed materials. This gives you more flexibility, and means you can get access to the materials more quickly, all without shipping and handling costs.

By small group, we mean that MissioLife is meant to be experienced in community. In-depth commentaries and questions prepare the group leader for meaningful discussion, while participant’s guides help everyone be involved.

How is MissioLife different?

MissioLife is different because it can engage every learning group in your community, from children to adults, through the age-appropriate materials. It’s also different because it is based on a unique model of spiritual formation. To learn more about this, and other things that make MissioLife unique, visit our “How is MissioLife Different?” page.

How do Breathe, Image, and Rhythms fit into all this?

Breathe, Image, and Rhythms are the various pieces that make up MissioLife. Breathe is specifically designed for adults, Image for youth, and Rhythms for children. All three learning groups will share in the experience by studying the same Scriptures, but will benefit from materials that were created for their learning group.

How long does MissioLife last?

One year of MissioLife includes 6 modules of 6 lessons each. Each lesson is one week long. So, when you buy a year of MissioLife, you get 36 weeks of material! Or, if you want a shorter experience, you can also buy individual 6 week modules. You can also continue on the MissioLife journey in upcoming years, as we’ll be releasing all-new material in upcoming years.

Why is a year of MissioLife only 36 weeks long when a year is really 52 weeks long?

We knew that there would realistically be weeks when MissioLife groups probably wouldn’t meet. Between Easter, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and (dare we say it?) the Superbowl, we felt like making MissioLife last 36 weeks was the right balance of spiritual formation and flexibility for each church.


What do I get when I buy MissioLife?

When you buy the full year of MissioLife, you get access to 36 weeks of resources that lead your community through the spiritual formation method, helping you to not only understand, but actively engage in the mission of God. It includes all 6 modules, each including all the resources described below, but at a lower price than buying them individually.

When you buy a module, you get 6 weeks of resources. Each week has three components: a biblical reflection to equip the facilitator with a background of each week’s scripture passage, a facilitator’s guide to help guide discussion, and a participant’s guide to encourage interaction and reflection. At the end of each 6-week module there is a communal experience activity that is designed to be a hands-on practice to reinforce the message of that particular module. Rhythms includes resources specifically designed for children, including student handouts, visual symbols, a parent communication to send home, and a downloadable song MP3.

Can I look at some samples?

Of course you can! Here is a sample lesson for Breathe (for adults) Image (youth), and Rhythms (children).

If MissioLife is digital, why does my group size matter?

If we charged the same price for a group of 5 or a group of 500, there unfortunately would be some smaller groups that wouldn’t be able afford it. So, to make sure this resource is available to as many people as possible, the price changes based on your group’s size, just like it would if you were buying printed materials. If you want to learn more about this, check out our Pricing page.

Can I purchase just one module?

Sure! The full year is a better value, but we know that different churches have different needs, so you can purchase one module if you want to. We want to be flexible to meet your needs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept debit and credit cards; churches can opt to be billed. We’re sorry if this causes any inconvenience for you.

Do I have to order this online?

Yes. Since the product is digital and the resources are only accessible through this website (and since you’re already here), it made sense to us that MissioLife should be ordered online.

What is your refund policy?

Our policy for downloadable products is that we do not provide refunds. Unlike physical products that can be easily returned, it’s impossible for us to know if a customer still has a downloadable product but is still trying to get a refund. We know you would never do this, but some people would, so we have to be careful. We hope you understand, and we’re sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.

When can I buy the second year of MissioLife?

We’re glad you’re already excited for the second year! It will be coming out in 2012. Sign for our e-mail updates at the bottom of the page, and we’ll keep you updated on its progress.


What will I need to be able to access and use MissioLife?

To be able to download and use MissioLife, you will need an internet connection. You will also need a PDF reader (software), such as Adobe Reader, available here for free download. You will need software to open zip files. (This software is typically already loaded onto Windows XP and newer versions of Windows.) If your computer does not already have this software, there are numerous programs available that can be found with online search engines. To be able to pass out the participant’s guides, you will also need a printer.

We currently support the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7 (and newer), Mozilla Firefox 3 (and newer) and Google Chrome.


I’m experiencing technical problems. Who should I contact?

We’re sorry you’re experiencing problems. Visit our Contact Us page, and we’d be glad to help.