The Pricing

You’re careful with your money. We like that.

We recognize that you are thoughtful about what resources you spend your money on. That’s why our team has spent countless hours creating an experience for you that is not only spiritually meaningful, convenient, and easy to use, but is also affordable.

We are excited to be offering MissioLife to a wide range of churches at an affordable price. In order to help prevent smaller churches from being unable to buy MissioLife due to cost, the price varies based on the size of your church group. Not only is this pricing consistent with many print resources currently on the market, it helps make this resource financially viable to a wider audience. Whether you are in a group of 5 or a group of 500, our hope is that you will be able to participate in this formational experience.

In order to select an accurate group size, please refer to our FAQs for any questions regarding copyright and duplication. Thank you for your honesty and for helping others be able to share in this experience.

We want MissioLife to be widely available, which is why we are offering a 10% discount when you buy Breathe (Adult), Image (Youth), and Rhythms (Children) together, as well as the flexibility to buy individual six-week modules starting at just $59. The chart below shows your various purchasing options and their prices.